...She was a beautiful and reserved woman, with a temperament that was simultaneously strong and sweet. She was an excellent wife and mother, and immensely respectful of her children’s ideas ... (Sandro Meccoli, Il Gazzettino, 8 April 1989)

Yana,Ylda, Giorgio and Mynna Cini
Mynna, Ylda, Lyda and Yana with the photograph of Vittorio Cini
Ylda and Yana Cini
Vittorio Cini and Yana
Yana photographer Lyda and Vittorio Cini in Taormina in May 1953
Yana in 1947 by boat with his brother Giorgio
Yana in Taormina in 1952
Yana and guitar teacher
Yana with Rodolfo Pallucchini
Yana with sons Giovanni and Vittorio in the house on the Appia Antica in Rome
Baptism of Paolo Alliata in February 1964 at the Grand Hotel in Rome,
with brothers Vittorio and Domizia, his mother Yana and grandfather Vittorio
Yana in the mezzanine of Palazzo Cini in 1967, with a portrait of the painter Dario Cecchi
Yana and Vittorio Cini
Yana with the sculptor Francesco Messina in 1951